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Welcome to Freese Enterprises, Your Partner in Test and Measurement Solutions

As a full service test system integrator with over 26 years of experience, Freese Enterprises, Inc. (FEI), is well positioned to address your engineering requirements.  Our knowledgeable staff will design and install complete turn-key test systems, both manual and automatic.  In addition, FEI has experts in electrical and mechanical engineering to design and develop customized industrial hardware and software. Typical solutions combine off-the-shelf computer systems and equipment with custom application software, fixtures, and enclosures to construct complete test systems.

FEI engineers will work closely with you in designing innovative techniques and novel approaches to solve technical challenges that present themselves during the evolution of the project.  Freese offers on-site consulting and installation/start-up assistance to assure a smooth transition from final equipment testing to reliable daily operation.

With test systems in use around the world, FEI has the experience and knowledge to deliver the most effective solution for your application.  Using our industry leading knowledge, FEI will create exactly what you require - on time and in budget.  Thank you for considering us.

Put the Experience of Freese to Work for You

Custom Test Equipment - Hardware and Software Integration Production Testing Equipment - Servo Air Plenum Test Fixtures - Instrument Cluster Testing -40 Degrees C to -80 Degrees C Using Vision Systems Integration Test Fixture - Special Forces 100G Gun Sight Tester (6 up)

Custom Application Software Programming and Development Expertise in:

Hardware Configurations:

Freese Test and Measurement Equipment is Used in the Following Industries:

Automatic Test Systems and Automatic Test Equipment Serving Many Industries
  • Industrial
  • RF Communications/Telecommunications
  • Military/Defense
  • Aircraft/Aerospace
  • Chemical
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Automotive/Transportation
  • Appliance
  • Biotech/Biomedical/ Biological
  • Scientific Research
  • Solar/Alternative Energy
  • Computer/Electronics


Working together for the right engineered solution. 
You know how to make it ... We know how to test it.

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Some of the types of test equipment and test system projects that Freese Enterprises can assist you with:

Keysight Technologies test instruments, assembly and test equipment, auto test equipment, automated test design, automated test equipment, automated test systems, automated testing equipment, automatic test systems, automotive test equipment, battery test equipment, circuit test equipment, custom test equipment, electrical testing devices, electrical testing equipment, electronic component testers, electronic test benches, electronic test equipment, electronic test fixtures, electronic test systems, electronics test equipment, Vector CANtech instruments, functional test fixtures, high voltage test equipment, high voltage test fixtures, inspection fixtures, instrument test equipment, laboratory testing equipment, manufacturing test equipment, material testing machines, material testing system, measurement equipment, measurement test equipment, mechanical test equipment, mechanical test fixtures, medical test equipment, pcb test fixtures, pneumatic fixture, rf test equipment, rf test fixtures, test and measurement equipment, test and measurement instruments, test electrical equipment, test electronic equipment, test fixtures, industrial testing equipment, solar cell test equipment, photovoltaic cell testing systems, solar panel test equipment, data acquisition systems, production testing equipment, mobile test equipment, custom instrumentation control units, durability testing equipment, automated vision systems, automatic inspection machines, automatic machine vision system, automatic machine vision systems, industrial machine vision, machine vision systems, machine vision system integrators, vision test machines, vision testing equipment, vision testing machines, Cognex vision system components, production testers