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Test Systems Integrators - Software/Hardware

Electronic and electrical assemblies usage continues to explode along with accompanying tighter deadlines and higher quality and efficiency demands creating unique challenges for your engineering and manufacturing organization. Given this state of industry, Freese Enterprises (FEI) stands ready to assist you with strong software and hardware integration capabilities.

FEI is a full service test systems integrator offering software only and hardware only solutions, as well as, complete custom automated test equipment. Wherever possible, we combine off-the-shelf computer and electronic components and equipment with customized application software, fixtures, and enclosures to deliver these test systems. Our formal relationships with the major test and measurement equipment manufacturers such as, Keysight Technologies and Cognex, ensures you the best software and hardware solutions, as well as, top-flight technical support.


Custom Application Software Programming and Development Expertise in:

Sample Application Programming Projects:

AP Parts: Pass-by-Noise Test /Compliance Validation
Mitsubishi: Automobile Radios/Service Center Diagnostics
Sarcem: Assembly Process/Manufacturing Network
University of Michigan Dental School: Oral Prosthetics/Surface Wear Analysis

Hardware Configurations:

Sample Application Programming Projects:

Sample Hardware Projects:

Mechanical test fixtures for door systems for a major metro subway system.Electronic design and fabrication for product testing for a lithium ion battery company.
Ford: Custom test instruments for testing ignition coils and spark gap ignitors.
AIA: Custom weight audit stations for air cargo.
Whirlpool: Sound level analysis tester for home appliances.
Budd Plastics: Surface analyzer for auto body panels
General Dynamics: Inspection and validation production testing system for military electronics.
Intra Corporation: Laser alignment system for machine tools.
General Motors: Prototype electrical performance test equipment for steering columns
APT: RF Filter/Amp custom test instrument for cellular/PCS
GE Locomotive: Diagnostic and performance production test equipment for testing motor drives

FEI can provide the resources to make your software and hardware challenges much less challenging.


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Some of the types of test equipment and test system projects that Freese Enterprises can assist you with:

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