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Custom Test and Measurement Equipment

Freese Enterprises, Inc. (FEI) has created systems and equipment that has measured and tested thousands of products. Things in big things, such as the 60 ton Abrams M1 A2 tank. Things smaller than a loaf of bread at Ford, General Electric, Siemens, and dozens of companies worldwide. Things as tiny as a component in a PC.

What can FEI do for you? FEI designs, integrates, delivers, and supports custom measurement and test equipment, both hardware and software, for your tough measurement problems. Custom test and measurement equipment is our primary focus.

FEI has the resources to get it going, make it happen, and deliver it on time and in budget. We'd like to have the opportunity to test and measure the next something that you make. Our formal relationships with the major test and measurement equipment manufacturers, like Keysight Technologies, ensure you the best in test equipment

Quality and technical support. Our expertise includes:

Custom Test and Measurement Equipment Examples:

Laboratory, Design Validation and
Product Validation Test Systems
Environmental Testing System
Production Testing System

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Some of the types of test equipment and test system projects that Freese Enterprises can assist you with:

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