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Mechanical Engineering Consultants, Electronic/Electrical Engineering
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About Freese Enterprises Experts in Automated Testing Equipment Design

Our History

Freese Enterprises Inc. (FEI) was created in 1984 to provide total system integration solutions for a variety. of manufacturing, automated testing and associated research applications. FEI offers turn-key systems, primarily for electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical equipment based on commercially available equipment, custom-written application software and, when required, custom text fixtures, electronics circuitry, and enclosures. Since its founding, FEI has helped leverage the sale of hundreds of automated test/data acquisition systems based on technical computers and instruments, in addition to providing customers with mechanical, electronic, and electrical engineering consulting services, software development, and product manufacturing. As a privately held company, it has enjoyed a steady growth rate, and sales over the past twelve months.

Freese Executive Management

James Freese, President/Founder - formerly employed by the Environmental Research institute of Michigan (recently purchased by Veridian and now owned by General Dynamics) for 15 years. As a Department Head, he was responsible for all modification and data collection activities associated with a multi-million dollar remote sensing Synthetic Aperture Radar system, and has provided consulting services to the Institute since his departure. His areas of expertise, in addition to providing overall leadership of the organization, include project management, system design and specification, and research methodology. He has bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and a master of science degree in electrical engineering from the University of Michigan.

Product Description

The products, services, and consulting that FEI offers consist of several components. While they are most often combined to provide mechanical and electronic electrical engineering turn-key solutions, and there by the greatest benefit to our customers, they are available on a stand alone basis as well. They included :

− System Planning & Design − Custom Hardware Development
− Hardware Integration − Manufacturing Assistance
− Industrial Integration Services − R&D Consulting
− Software Implementation − On-Site Technical Consulting
− Applications Programming − Documentation and Training

FEI's proven track record of leveraging product sales by working closely with the Sales Representatives Hewlett Packard, Keysight Technologies, Tektronix and National Instruments, combined with its broad base of experience and personnel, allow it to successfully compete in a variety of markets and industries based upon one key common factor: fulfilling a customer's needs through the application of high-technology test equipment by providing significant added value.

Daimond Electrical Daimond Electrical Universal Instruments
Arospace Industrial Association






Lear Corporation


Kelsey Hayes




Partial Client List Equipment
A1A Air Cargo, Weight Verification Measurements in the Field
AP Parts Vehicle Pass By Noise, Compliance Validation Development Testing
AutoLiv OEM Airbag Reprogramming Device OEM Tool
Delphi Kokomo Instrument Cluster, Performance Production Testing
Delphi Saginaw Electric Steering Module, Performance Development Testing
Delphi Saginaw Power Steering Pump, Vibration Analysis Development and Production Testing
Diamond Electric Ignition Coil, Performance Development and Production Testing
Ford Altec Instrument Cluster Aircore Gage, Performance Production Testing
Ford EFHD Alternator Stator, Magnetic Properties Laboratory Testing
Ford EFHP Throttle Body, Performance Production Testing
Ford ETC Airbag Controller, Parametric Development Testing
Ford Plastics Paint Systems, Adhesion Properties Laboratory and Development Testing
GE Locomotive 300 HP Blower Controller, Performance Production Testing
General Dynamics M1A2 Weapons Controls, Performance Inspection/Repair Testing
Hella Function and Durability Development Testing
Kelsey-Hayes Wheel Speed Senior, Durability Development Testing
Lear Memory Seat Module, Durability Development Testing
Lear Multi-Function Switch Efforts, Function Production and Development Testing
Martin-Marietta Industrial Laser, Data Collection Production Testing
Mitsubishi Radio, Repair Depot Software & Hardware Inspection/Repair Testing
Motorola Body Electronics Module, Performance Development Testing
Pico-Arlans Engine Ignition System, Performance Analyzer Production Testing
Siemens Antilock Brake Module, Performance Inspection/Repair Testing
Strattec Remote Keyless Entry Systems Product Development/Production Testing
Universal Instruments Pressure Transducers Production Testing
U.S. Department of Transportation Rene End Collision Study Development Testing
Visteon (ACH-LLC) High-Voltage Boot, Breakdown Production Testing
Whirlpool Home Appliances, Acoustic Analysis Development Testing
Yazaki Instrument Cluster Vision Testing Development Testing




General Dynamics




Mitsubishi Motors




 Yazaki Lockheed Martin


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